What is Zumba?

A Latin-inspired dance fitness class that incorporates rhythms from all around the world into a sweaty, fun fitness class. We dance Salsa, Cumbia, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall, and many more rhythms in class.  This class creates a fun fusion of cardio and sculpting for your entire body. 

Zumba is a way to let your body move, sweat, and be one with the music. It is for ALL levels and ALL backgrounds of dancing.  Even for those who think they have no rhythm. 


What is Dance Cardio Tone?

A hip hop cardio dance and body sculpting fusion.  This class will bring out your inner Fly Girl/Back-Up Dancer while also giving your muscles a total burn.  This class uses 2-5 lbs weights, yoga mats, chairs, and your body weight.  We alternate between dancing and sculpting routines to deliver to you a full body workout WHILE having a total blast.  This is a format I created a few years ago and is one of my FAVE classes to teach.  It’s a popular fave among students too.  This class is for ALL fitness levels. 


What is “Sculpt and HIIT”?

A 45-min class that is focused on lifting and intense, short cardio bursts. 

This class does Bootcamp, Circuits, and HIIT stations.  We use 5-10 lbs weights, yoga mats, kettle bells, resistance bands, chairs, and your body weight.  Our goal on this class is to bring your muscles to fatigue while also adding in quick cardio HIIT segments to up your fat burning peaks. This class is for ALL fitness levels. 


Classes are held in Suite 206, no registration required.  Just show up to class ready to workout, pay at door.

*Classes are $5/each or you can purchase a 10 class punch card pass for $40. (Check or Cash).  

Nichol's Schedule

Monday: 6:30pm (Zumba)


Tuesday: Canceled during COVID


Wednesday: 6:30pm (Dance Cardio Tone)


Thursday:  Canceled during covid


Saturday: 9:30am (Dance Cardio Tone)

**FREE meditation, aromatherapy, and Reiki healing session following Saturday morning class. 

Questions about a class?

Contact Nichol @ (317) 650-6858